Produktion & Service

Swedish production & quality since 1902

For generations, we have pushed and developed our products, all to give our customers the absolute best products so that they, in turn, can develop their businesses.

Significant investments over the years and ongoing upgrades of our machinery means that we manufacture all our blades, both conventional and tipped, to the very highest quality.

We are at the absolute forefront when it comes to solder and grind tipped blades (HM/ST). This means that we have gained trust from our customers and have a very extensive and close collaboration with several sawmills regarding service and repairs of their blades.

Your blades need service and care

We have built up a strong expertise and experience in manufacturing high quality saw blades as well as servicing and maintaining these blades for sawmills around the world.

Our service on blades for sawmills includes everything from sharpening and adjusting blades to repairing and replacing wear. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and we always strive to deliver the best possible sawmill blade service to ensure optimal performance and blade life.

Custom made blades

Curiosity and a desire to constantly develop together with our customers to solve the various needs and wishes that may arise, means that we "customize" many of our customers' different type of blades. Over the years, there has been a lot of testing and fine-tuning of various ideas that have arisen, something that, among other things, has led to our well-known and very successful Frost2 tooth.